Gas Plug Valve

Gas Plug Valve

Size: 1/2″-6″
Class: 150LB~300LB
End: Flange / BW / NPT
Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, CI, Alloy Steel
Seal: Dynamic stem seal design, soft seal, easy to escape medium with bellows seal

Gas Plug Valve Features

gas plug valve

  • No lubrication, conical spool, double seat design, two-way switch;
  • External seat wear indication;
  • The convex design of valve seat reduces the wear of valve core;
  • Dynamic stem seal, long service life, less maintenance;
  • Equipped with grounding spring to eliminate static electricity;
  • Automatic compensation of valve core wear;
  • The valve core is installed from the top;
  • Double seat automatic alignment design;
  • The flow is large;
  • The torque is small;
  • A variety of materials are available for different working conditions.

Where is Gas Plug Valve Used?

  • Gas plug valve is suitable for chemical, electric power, mining, paper industry, applicable to clean, viscous, corrosive liquid;
  • Clean, corrosive gas;
  • Low pressure steam switch or reciprocating operation.